Saturday, September 26, 2009

Concept Paintings Cont.

Here are somed of the rendered concept paintings from the study below. I have left the top one just a BG painting, and will add the character later. I Feel like I need to do some Character Development and exploration with some character designs before i move forward. I had a very strong vision in my head as to what the environments, and the style would look like. So I went ahead and painted away the environments and realized my charcters havent been planned out all the way. More paintings coming real soon. Ive been painting several paintings at once to stay fresh with an open eye.


Abz said...

Hey man,

I havent visited you in a long long time... How are you?

This is looking great! I really like the mood!

:) Check out my updates bro,


Abz said...

Thanks for ur kind comments. :) Hopefully you'll be visiting again soon.



Wayne B. Medina said...

nice man, really nice :)

ScaryPotato said...

There is a lovely sense of atmosphere in your studies, and now the coloured version. Inspiring :)

Jammie said...

nice job ivan! this picture makes me want to be little again and go to this place and play in the water and climb the trees :)

gloria; honey child. said...


Sadie Figueroa said...

Nice! I remember those orange and yellow little buggy's, my sister had one. Great work Ivan :D

Ivan Aguirre said...

Abz- thanks for visiting the blog once again.

Wayne- Thanks man.

Scary potato- Thank your for visiting, and for the nice comments.

Jammie- Thanks Jammie, I appreciate that.

Gloria- Thanks gloria

Sadie- thank you. I ppareciate that. Cant wait to see more of you LLorona stuff. I love those little buggys, I always wanted to illustrate them. I love their design

Marcos Cohen said...

Beautiful paintings! Great color and lightning!