Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Motorcity BG's

Here are a select few Bg's form episodes that have recently aired. 

Hey Guys, I apologize its been such a long absence from the blog. I have been busy for the past year working as a Background Painter on Motorcity! a new series for Disney XD! I have the pleasure in working with an army of amazing and talented designers. Credit goes to my fellow designers for making such cool layouts for me to paint on! a big shout out to Chris P! for creating and directing this unique and cool series! Antonio Canobbio our Art Director who is amazing! Juno Lee who is our other Director, and is insanely talented. And the rest of our design team: Brandon CuellarKhang LeArthur LoftisRoger OdaAngela SungConnie WongKirk ShinmotoTimothy RidleyJoanna ParkAbe MartinezAnthony WuCarl BeuHoward ChenClarke Snyder, Bobby WalkerMark IngramAshley Fisher, and Mark Tahei